Voice-data cabling

Today's business dynamics requires advanced information processing technology to maintain a high competitive edge. The personal computer has become as important and common as a phone, due to the possibilities of networking and sharing of information provided to its users.

Romservice Telecommunications (RST) recognizes and respects the communication needs of its customers. That's why RST is ready to offer the speed and quality they need. As the new technologies continue to grow, networks have to provide data transfers and multimedia applications, besides traditional audio and video communications. The rapid decline of the processing time, the complexity of networks, and the emergence of ultra-fast access methods create the natural need for affordable structured cabling systems.

In recent years, the idea of structurally wiring a building has become increasingly important as a result of the ever more pressing need to combine wiring, conection and topology elements, as well as the working procedures used to build the voice and data networks.

Romservice Telecommunications provides structured cabling solutions, ensuring a modern infrastructure for data and voice networking in a building or group of buildings. The personnel involved in the design, installation and testing of structured cabling networks is authorized by 3M, AMP, R & M.

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